Goiardi 0.9.0 - Spaceship and Sun

I made a new goiardi release over the weekend to address some issues before
the 1.0.0 release (which will bring goiardi up to speed with Chef 12, and
that I’ve been working on somewhat lackadaisically).

The fixes in goiardi 0.9.0 “Spaceship and Sun” are subtle, but far
reaching. The most important change is that the search indexes are now
compressed in memory. The amount of RAM used by the indexes drops to
roughly a quarter to a third of the previous amount, which is a nice
improvement in my mind. Additionally, if you set GOMAXPROCS, goiardi will
parallelize reading the search indexes across that many CPUs, giving search
speed a nice boost. Search results are ordered properly now as well; the
default is “id ASC” (internally mapped to “name”), but ordering by other
top level keys should work reasonably well (ordering by other keys is
unlikely to work right, I’m afraid).

Less importantly, the index and datastore files (the latter is only
important if goiardi is running in in-memory mode) now only write to disk
if there have been any changes made. In tandem with that the interval for
automatically writing data to disk has changed from 300 seconds to 10
seconds. Finally, on a cosmetic note, goiardi now claims to be Open Source
Chef Server version 11.1.6.

Release notes and binaries can be found at