Goiardi 0.5.1 now released, with event logging, reporting, and better log configs

Code name: “Rodan Overhead”.

This isn’t a huge release, but it does fix some bugs and adds some
features. The interesting bits are adding event logging (documented at
https://github.com/ctdk/goiardi#event-logging) and reporting. There isn’t
currently a way to look at the event log without using knife raw, but a
knife plugin for it will be coming soon. I’m told there’s a similar feature
in the official chef server, but I doubt they’re directly compatible.

Reporting is experimental; it seems to work properly with the knife
reporting plugin, but it may deviate slightly from the official chef server

Additionally, log levels can be specified now, auth protocol version 1.1 is
supported, and ipv6 works in a non-accidental fashion.

Goiardi can be found at https://github.com/ctdk/goiardi, as before.
Postgres support and better native tests, possibly along with
etcd/serf/consul/etc. support, is planned for the next release.