Meeting notes for Feb 20, 2020

Below are the meeting notes for this week.


bennyvasquez shared

  • We’ve updated the developers we're highlighting under “Awesome Contributors” on . The list now includes @miah, @markgibbons, @BobChaos, @Tensibai, @ramereth, and @Xorima. It's a small recognition of the effort y’all have put in to Chef and its community, and I am personally happy to see each of you there. I'm planning to put together a quick blob post about that spot specifically, why we put folks there, and how you can nominate other folks you think should be included. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  • Last week we released a new version of Chef Infra Foundations. Lots of updates, including labs that are easier to understand and updated, and the addition of custom resources in cookbooks. The latter enables us to teach the latest version of the haproxy cookbook and include patterns the #sous-chefs use. If you haven’t taken it, I highly recommend it. You can register here:
  • We also had our first live stream, which is a new thing we're playing with. We talked about Habitat 1.5. Definitely check it out here: We're planning to do one every week

This week’s releases

tas50 shared

Cookstyle 5.21 is out with 4 new Chef cops and a good pile of fixes for the existing cops.

kitchen-vcenter 2.6.4 was released with 2 bug fixes that caused the driver to fail converging system

We also released chef-zero 15.0 and cheffish 15.0 which are prepping us for Ruby 2.7 and now require Ruby 2.6 or later.

Also we released iptables 7.0 which is a near-complete rewrite performed by @Xorima

Other updates


Alex Pop shared

In Automate we continued to work on the EAS Dashboard, IAM, automated documentation, refactoring and cleanup.


cwolfe shared

The InSpec team mainly worked on two bugfixes, both related to train plugins - one about how train plugins are loaded under Habitat 1.5, and another bugfix involving a bogus error message about "Can't find train plugin azure" (which is not a thing).

Those were released as 4.18.95, out of cycle - let us know if you see any problems


sdmacfarlane shared

Greetings! Slow week for the Habitat team with holidays and birthdays

  • Continuing to add (post) release automation
  • Made ltsc2019 the default windows studio image, if the host supports it
  • Added remotesigned execution policy to pwsh spawns
  • Improved hab setup defaults
  • Continued improvements to origin deletion safety
  • UI work for plan connection is landing. <3 the UI team


afiune shared

Hi awesome Chef community! From the Chef Workstation Team we have completed two design documents that describes the future of the tools and the Chef Workstation ecosystem, first design doc is the Upgrade Suggestion (Data Analysis) which describes the future of the chef-analyze CLI to help users upgrade to the latest version of our tools.

Another exciting proposal is the chef CLI catalog . This is an ambitious strategy to start the unification of our CLI tools and present them to our users as a single tool/catalog. We have multiple motivations to do this work, including speed improvements, flexibility and automatic documentation so that we are always up-to-date there. I will be merging this PR today and the team will start working on it in the next sprint.

Finally, this is my last status since tomorrow will be my last day at Chef. I will let @mparadise @tball to take it from here on. They both will take care of everything related to the Chef Workstation ecosystem and will continue to push the vision forward. Hasta la vista.

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

Hello! We have some updates for the last week.

  • We enabled AdoptOpenJRE instead of OracleJRE for both Chef Backend and Chef Infra Server
  • A lot of effort went into testing chef-backend in the integration_test pipeline merged the configuratioon updates to HAProxy configuration on Chef-Infra Server.
  • We made the integration pipeling more configurable to be able to choose the tests cases to run on each configuration/scenario being tested.
  • Fixed minor bugs and updates to the integration test pipeline
  • Work is in progress on aws sigv4 signing.
    That is all for the Server Infra Team!

Sous Chefs


Sous chefs have released postgresql and aptly this week
@damacus has been working on the php documentation and more work carries on with our automated release pipeline

Other Community Updates

ramereth shared

  • Built and released Cinc Client 15.8.23 and Cinc Auditor 4.18.85
  • Refactored how we do builds for client / auditor which now utilizes patched gems hosted on packagecloud. This should simplify how we do builds moving forward (hopefully).
  • Added InSpec tests for client and auditor builds
  • Continued work on Cinc Workstation but still having issues with builds on Windows. We're working with the Chef Workstation team to figure out what's going on.
  • Published a few misc website updates

See you in next week!

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