Gusteau 1.1, the Chef Solo workflow tool released

Hi Chefs,

We’ve just released the new version of our Chef Solo wrapper and configuration manager named Gusteau.

I hope it’s of interest to the ones of you already using Knife Solo or Littlechef.

Gusteau aims to take Chef Solo usage to a more advanced level:

  • It uses a single readable YAML configuration file for groups of nodes (inspired by Travis CI, test-kitchen and Spiceweasel)
  • It’s able to auto-configure Vagrant nodes
  • It plays well with both Berkshelf and Librarian workflows by providing ‘before’ and ‘after’ hooks
  • Just as knife solo, it lets you provide a custom bootstrap script - or just install the Omnibus Chef.

One other important driver for us is to make Chef Solo accessible to the new users by letting them quickly bootstrap a new chef-solo-repo with gusteau init and get to writing infrastructure code and integration testing in minutes.

We use Gusteau in a small company with a couple dozen servers, and we’ve been quite happy with it so far.

Thanks Opscode for making Chef Solo available, it is indeed very powerful.

Have a good day,