Hab File Upload to multiple Supervisors

I’m having some issues maybe with my understanding of how the hab file upload command is supposed to work.

I’d like to use the file upload to send files out to a specific service group. E.g. I have a vault cluster and I’d like to gossip the unseal keys as a file to multiple vault instances running on different machines joined together in a leader topology.

Is there anyway to run hab file upload and the file to be gossiped around to other services running on other machines?

@skylerto as long as the machines are running an application in the service group you specify, they’ll get the files written to /hab/svc/<vault_in_this_case>/files. A service group is name.group , Ex: vault.default

@elliott-davis I’m not seeing this functionality. :frowning:

I’m certain the services are in a ring because leader election works. When I try to run the upload it only makes it on the instance that the command was executed from.

I’m on version 0.57.0/20180614230004

The issue was that the post-run hook on the other packages were waiting for the file to become present.

If we allow the hook to exit then the files will be placed in the correct locations…

Well that would have taken a hot-minute to debug in the forums - glad you got it worked out

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@elliott-davis I’m still having issues running the hab file upload command from a hook. Is this something that should be able to happen or is this a job of an outside provisioner?