Multiple supervisors not able to gossip


I have a docker image with habitat installed and I am running three containers as:
docker run -ti my-image:latest

Inside each of them I’m running the following commands:

Container 1
hab sup run

Container 2
hab sup run --peer=

Container 3
hab sup run --peer=

Here, is the IP address of the first container.

But when I open $CONTAINER_IP:9631/services, I get a blank response.

What could be going wrong?

@indradhanush in a browser is the response 100% blank? Or is there any information at all?

@eeyun It’s completely blank:

$ curl

I tried exporting the docker image for core/redis and was able to get the supervisors to communicate. Apart from this I realized that I was not passing the --topology=leader flag and my Dockerfile was not configured to run a service in the container.

This issue can be considered as resolved now. :slight_smile:

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