Hab studio enter error on windows

Im new to habitat,trying to learn from Habitat modules .I installed everything as it mentioned ,when I try to enter into hab studio ,Im getting this error .Your help will be appreciated

This sounds like docker cannot access the the bintray registry over the network. Just to eliminate habitat or bintray specifically as an issue, can you successfuly run docker run hello-world or does that yield a similar error. If it raises a similar error, its possible there are proxy settings you may need to set in your docker client in order to pull images over the internet.

Thanks for the reply .Now ,after running Docker run hello-world , Im

ending up with this error

For some reason your MobyLinux VM that hosts linux containers is having DNS issues and can’t resolve host names. You might try restarting Docker or maybe looking at https://github.com/docker/for-win/issues/716 and following some of the tips mentioned there.

FYI ,I m running this on windows on powershell , I also tried hab studio enter -w ,

∵ Missing package for core/hab-studio/0.57.0
» Installing core/hab-studio/0.57.0
:cloud: Determining latest version of core/hab-studio/0.57.0 in the ‘stable’ channel
✗✗✗ No such host is known. (os error 11001)
PS C:\Users\HKATEPAL\Hab_chef\hab-two-tier>

Oh thats good info and indicates there are network issues beyond just the linux vm but locally as well. Can you validate you can normally resolve DNS locally. Try running ping google.com and see if that resolves.

This is the error its throwing ,

Ping request could not find host google.com. Please check the name and try again.

I tired bootstrapping the machine and reinstalling all the binaries ,it still does say same error.

I don’t think this is impacted by either Habitat or Docker. It sounds like the machine is having fundamental DNS/networking issues. Is this your local workstation or a separate VM?

This is my local workstation .

Hmm. Its interesting that your browser is able to resolve the forums (assuming you are using a browser on the same machine). I’m assuming you can browse http://google.com ?

Yes ,I also tried to ping the internal web browsers .It says same error ,it couldn’t find it

This may very well be proxy related. Are you behind a network proxy? You can set http_proxy, https_proxy and no_proxy to route through your proxy.

Yes ,Im .I can able to perform all this in my home network

Following up: @harshktpa were you able to test out setting the proxy configs @mwrock’s mentioned?