Habitat 0.10.1 Released

We are excited to announce the release of Habitat 0.10.1. (0.10.0 was tagged and promoted, but contains a critical bug that prevents you from entering a studio, so please do not use it.) This version includes a new feature to allow you to quickly test configuration templates, so please read on. If you just want the software, head over to the download page. Thanks for using Habitat!

Iterate quickly on configurations with --config-from

This release introduces the --config-from option to the supervisor, which allows for much easier iteration on Handlebars-flavored configuration templates during plan creation. Previously, you would have either needed to recompile the entire Habitat package or manually edit configuration files inside /hab/svc in order to test a config change. Now you can compile and install a package right within a studio and then start it with

$ hab start yourorigin/yourpackage --config-from /path/to/config

Note that this feature is intended for use only in development environments like the studio because it breaks the immutability of the package.

hab will always download a matching studio version

When running on a Mac, hab will now check to see whether your studio image version matches the version of hab, and will download the updated studio if it is out-of-date.

Habitat on Linux no longer requires blanket sudo

Breaking change: Habitat, when run on Linux, no longer requires sudo for all commands, only for commands that really need root like hab studio enter or hab pkg build (root is needed to set up the chroot-based studio environments in Linux). You should perform all other operations under your own user account, for example, generating and managing your origin keys. They will be correctly passed into the studio environment even when run under sudo.

If you generated your keys as root using a previous version of hab you’ll need to copy those keys out of /hab/cache/keys into $HOME/.hab/cache/keys manually. We also recommend you re-run hab setup as your own user ID in order to regenerate a Habitat configuration file in your home directory.


There are many important bugfixes in this release. The following are of note; please consult the changelog for more information.