Habitat 0.9.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Habitat 0.9.3. Note that 0.9.2 was not released due to a last-minute bug discovered when trying to build on a non-Linux platform.

There are few important but non-breaking changes in this release. For more information, please consult the detailed changelog. If you just want the software, go to the downloads page to get the latest version.

New Feature: Auto-Detection and Handling of Terminal Capabilities

The hab command-line tool and studio will now detect the capabilities of your terminal and fall back to minimal output modes when those terminals do not have color or the ability to use ANSI escape sequences to draw progress bars or other animations.

This improves the use of Habitat inside CI/CD systems like Chef Automate without generating excessive output or unreadable escape sequences.

New Feature: Package Search from Command Line

This version adds a hab pkg search command that will search a depot for a package.

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • The package build command will now check for required plan settings like pkg_name, pkg_origin, pkg_source and pkg_version prior to proceeding and will error out early if these are undefined.
  • Permissions on the static directory under a service directory will now be set correctly. The directory is intended for immutable files shipped with a package and used by it at runtime.
  • A rare corner case causing malformed metadata on a small number of packages was fixed.

deng hab pkg search !! awesome work!