Habitat 0.33.0 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of Habitat 0.33.0. We have a number of new features as well as bug fixes, so please read on for all the details. If you just want the binaries, head on over to our downloads page: https://www.habitat.sh/docs/get-habitat/ Thanks again for using Habitat!


Builder name and tooling consistency #3239

  • Hab CLI has had it’s documentation updated to reference Builder instead of the Depot. This is primarily present in any commands which accept a --url and/or a --channel flag
  • HAB_DEPOT_URL renamed to HAB_BLDR_URL. We will still honor HAB_DEPOT_URL but it is no longer present in documentation
  • HAB_DEPOT_CHANNEL renamed to HAB_BLDR_CHANNEL. This is still supported the same as HAB_DEPOT_URL
  • The value of --url or HAB_BLDR_URL no longer expects a path portion of the URL. For example, you no longer need to specify --url http://localhost:9636/v1/depot. This was leaking the API version and it’s API in the CLI causing issues for clients which were to be configured to connect to a non-public Builder endpoint. You may need to update the value of --url if you have overridden it with a value which includes the protocol portion of the URI path (/v1/depot)
  • Large portions of the documentation have been updated to reference Builder as an entity. The Depot is a component of Builder.
  • Builder-Web configuration no longer expects a url containing a path. This is identical to the changes to the value of --url on in the CLI
  • Renamed “Depot” to “Builder” on Builder-Web
  • Removed the unused and unmaintained ruby-client from components


  • Update runtime settings documentation with examples #3167
  • Complete backend work for private packages #3141
  • Implement publishing to Docker Hub in builder-worker #2940
  • Add config option for tuning HTTP handler thread count #3265 (reset)
  • [core] Add PackageInstall.is\_runnable\(\) & use in Docker exporter. [#3258]
  • Migrate Service Spec files using an older format #3242 (reset)
  • Additional renames of depot_url to bldr_url #3240 (reset)
  • Remove all lines between Builder & Depot #3239 (reset)
  • Project creation #3237 (mgamini)
  • Move incorrect warn statement to debug when try-loading a hook #3228 (reset)
  • [pkg-export-docker] Rewrite hab-pkg-dockerize as a Rust program. #3213 (fnichol)
  • improve callback order clarity #3210 (echohack)
  • Document how to create a new bootstrap bundle #3209 (christophermaier)
  • Feature Flags! Cookies! #3156 (mgamini)
  • Updates docs for Native and VM dev environments #3015 (tyler-ball)

Bug fixes

  • Add PackageInstall.is_runnable() & use in Docker exporter. #3258 (fnichol)
  • Fix out of order messaging in RouteConn #3230 (reset)

Read the full Changelog on Github