Habitat operator 0.8.0 Released


We have released Habitat operator 0.8.0. The Habitat operator is a Kubernetes controller designed to solve running and auto-managing Habitat Services on Kubernetes. To learn more about it, please have a look at https://github.com/habitat-sh/habitat-operator/.

v0.8.0 (11-9-2018)

Full changelog

Bug fixes

  • RBAC: Remove permission for Deployments with removal of Habitat spec v1beta1 #339

Features & Enhancements

  • Added new topology label operator.habitat.sh/topology (see deprecation section for information about the older label) #332
  • controller: change generated StatefulSet version from v1beta1 to v1 #334
  • Add support for Kubernetes 1.11 #340
  • RBAC: Harden RBAC policies for the operator enabling operator to run in two modes, clusterwide and namespaced #346
  • RBAC version: update all artifacts to rbac.authorization.k8s.io/v1 #353
  • Display version when booting operator #350


  • Habitat CRD spec: drop support for v1beta1 #331
  • Topology label topology is deprecated and will be removed in two releases #332
  • Drop support of Kubernetes 1.8 #344

Docker Image

Image hosted on Docker Hub, tagged as habitat/habitat-operator:v0.8.0.

Helm chart

For installing the latest version of the Habitat operator through Helm, please follow these instructions.