Habitat-operator on OpenShift

Habitat containers run fine on Openshift. But for the more advanced things like service groups, we need to get the habitat-operator running. I've mulled through the documentation, and tried some steps on my own to see if I could get around that limiting factor. Here's the thing openshift is meant to be a multi-tenant k8s solution. Most of what I'm finding documented here:

Is for k8s. So my question really is, how do I do service groups on Openshift. But the question I might have asked since I've gone down the road a little bit, is how does one get the habitat-operator running.

So the crd.yml in that repo has been deployed with some help from the people that run the OS deployment at my company. In turn I've tried to get the container started but it has some trouble in regards to trying to create cluster-wide resources. So... what's our next step?


hey @MooseQuest!

I have never used OpenShift but I did get a question about running the operator on it today. If you’d bear with my OpenShift ignorance we can probably get the operator working on it.

IIRC OpenShift is kubernetes-esqe. Do you know if RBAC is enabled for OpenShift?

If it is, you should be able to use the yaml from examples/rbac/rbac.yml and examples/rbac/habitat-operator.yml from the operator repo.

If it’s not you should be able to apply the yaml in examples/habitat-operator.yml

If I’m totally off base and you can’t use kubectl I may have to rethink my approach.

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@christophermaier has worked on open shift and habitat - the big piece is you have to run in non-root mode