Having problems with configuring new Chef Automate AMI on AWS Marketplace

FYI, I am just starting on AWS, as well as Chef.

I am having problems starting up a Chef Automate AMI on AWS Marketplace. I was following the instructions on:
https://docs.chef.io/aws_marketplace.html#chef-server-title-ami, and I completed the instructions ‘Launch the AMI’.

I am having problems with the instructions in ‘Configure Chef Automate’.

Step 1 says to 'Access the initial configuration page by going to https:///biscotti/setup.

What I have checked:

  • my instance state is ‘running’.

  • I can successfully ssh into the server with:
    ssh -i “/Users/xxxx/.ssh/xxxx.pem” ec2-user@

  • When I ssh in, I get the following message:
    If you have not completed setting up the Chef Server please run through
    the setup wizard: https://ec2-54-202-82-242.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com/signup
    which does not work either, because apparently the website is not working.

  • Is there a step missing to setup and/or to make sure that the web server is up and running, because it seem like it is not running?

First thing I would check - have you done the step : "

Configure security group to include the required ports 22, 443 and 8989.

Although I see you can ssh in, so likely you’ve done that step.

I didn’t do anything with the ports, so that is clearly my problem. Port 22 probably is already open by necessity, and others would likely be opened as needed.