Newly chef-sever install - would not come up on WebUI

Installed chef-server on CentOS 7 VM - no issues.

Then ran:
sudo chef-server-ctl install opscode-manage sudo opscode-manage-ctl reconfigure
$ sudo chef-server-ctl reconfigure

When I tried to bring it up on WebUI - it timed out.

We are using chef-server 12.14.0
head -n1 /opt/opscode/version-manifest.txt
chef-server 12.14.0

Since we built it on AWS, it has public IP and Public DNS - I tried both, but they both time out.


Check both your security groups and the local firewall. Default centos images on aws block everything but 22 by default.

May also be worth checking netstat -l to make sure what ports are listening.

–Jp Robinson


Thank you very much for your help, once I added a https rule in security group, it worked.


 Sergey Prilutsky