Help using windows_reboot



I’m trying to use windows_reboot by using ‘notifies’, but that doesn’t want to
work. Troubleshooting, I’ve worked my way down to this simple recipe:

include_recipe ‘windows::reboot_handler’

windows_reboot 60 do
reason 'Reboot requested by Chef’
timeout 60
action :request

This still doesn’t want to work. Am I missing something? The log below says the
WindowsRebootHandler isn’t loading but doesn’t give any details as to why.

Any ideas?


The user is a local admin.
Windows cookbook ver 1.30.0
Chef_handler ver 1.1.4
Chef client ver 11.10.4

Full log:

Main part of the log:
[2014-03-11T12:51:54+00:00] DEBUG: Loading Recipe windows::reboot_handler via
[2014-03-11T12:51:54+00:00] DEBUG: Found recipe reboot_handler in cookbook
[2014-03-11T12:51:54+00:00] DEBUG: Converging node xChef1
[2014-03-11T12:51:54+00:00] INFO: Processing remote_directory[c:/chef/handlers]
action create (windows::reboot_handler line 21)
[2014-03-11T12:51:54+00:00] INFO: Processing
cookbook_file[c:/chef/handlers/windows_reboot_handler.rb] action create
(dynamically defined)
[2014-03-11T12:51:54+00:00] DEBUG:
cookbook_file[c:/chef/handlers/windows_reboot_handler.rb] checksumming file at
[2014-03-11T12:51:54+00:00] INFO: Processing chef_handler[WindowsRebootHandler]
action enable (windows::reboot_handler line 27)
[2014-03-11T12:51:54+00:00] DEBUG: WindowsRebootHandler has not been loaded.
[2014-03-11T12:51:54+00:00] INFO: Enabling chef_handler[WindowsRebootHandler]
as a report handler
[2014-03-11T12:51:54+00:00] INFO: Processing windows_reboot[60] action request
(my_windows::reboot line 3)