Homebrew Cookbook 1.9.0

Ohai Chefs,

Yesterday I released version 1.9.0 of the homebrew cookbook. This includes
the following types of changes. Numeric references are GitHub PR/issue #s.

For Chef 12, we’re hoping to get the homebrew package provider added to
Chef and make it the default for OS X, see the RFC. It’s not clear yet what
change will be required in the cookbook.


Homebrew cookbook 1.9.0 changelog:


  • #35 Modernize the cask provider (use why run mode, inline resources)
  • #43 Use brew cask list to determine if casks are installed
  • #45 Add default_action and print warning messages on earlier
    versions of Chef (10.10)

New Features:

  • #44 Add :install and :uninstall actions and alias previous :cask,
    :uncask actions to them

Bug Fixes:

  • #27 Fix name for taps adding the /homebrew prefix
  • #28 Set RUBYOPT to nil so Chef can execute in a bundle (bundler
    sets RUBYOPT and this can cause issues when running the
    underlying brew commands)
  • #40 Fix regex for cask to match current homebrew conventions
  • #42 Fix attribute for list of formulas to match the README and
    maintain backward compat for 6 day old version