Release: Homebrew cookbook 1.11.0

Ohai Chefs,

I’ve released version 1.11.0 of the homebrew cookbook. The main changes in
this release are a level-up of the test suite, and some updates to the cask
recipe. There are now ChefSpec tests for the various conditional branching
in the default recipe. We now manage cask’s directories, and make sure it’s
updated using the auto-update attribute.

Changelog excerpt:

v1.11.0 (2014-01-12)

  • #59 Update Homebrew Cask if auto-update attribute is true
  • #52 Manage Homebrew Cask’s install directories
  • #56 Fix check for existing casks
  • #61 Fix owner class for Chef 12
  • Depend on build-essential cookbook 2.1.2+ to support OS X 10.10
  • #64, #66 add and fix ChefSpec tests for default recipe