How do you get Chefs version of ruby


I'd like to know how to obtain Chefs version of ruby that they package with chefdk. The reason i'd like it is because if chef was boostrapped, it doesnt include the version of ruby. However, if you install chefdk on that same machine, it overwrites the client.rb file,and erases the symlink files that the boostrapped version pointed too. This messes up stuff.

I'd like to know if there is a way to obtain this version of ruby that already has all the dependencies etc. I tried using the ruby gems site, but theres so many dependencies that its just complicated to install the chef-gem.

Thanks for your help!

You can't search the filesystem for files named "ruby" in subdirectories ending in "bin/", and find the version you bootstrapped from? How many copies of ruby do you have on your work machine?

Hi, as mentioned earlier when the node is provisioned it doesnt have ruby on it after provisioning is finished. I dont have the standalone ruby installed. I tried installing the standalone ruby but when i attempted to install the chef gem it told me there was dependencies missing etc. I tried to install some mossong dependencies but then those also had missing dependencies . This leads to a huge mess of installing numerois dependencies

If i coild get the chef version of ruby that would make this easier