How to bulk promote packages

The ‘hab bldr job promote’ command can be used for bulk promotion of group packages.

Note: You MUST update to hab 0.39.1 or later in order to properly use the promote command.

The best way to run the promote is to use the new ‘–interactive’ flag to check the list of successful builds, and weed out any packages that should not be promoted.

To get your group id:

  • Check out the builder output for the most recent build for your package on

  • Look for this line (the number will vary)

    hab-studio: Exported: HAB_BLDR_CHANNEL=bldr-832040326113607680

  • Copy the number after “bldr-” - this is your job group id

Make sure to set your preferred EDITOR before issuing the commands, eg:

export EDITOR=vi
hab bldr job promote --origin core -i <GROUP ID> <CHANNEL>

After exiting the editor, you will be prompted one more time for whether you want to promote the package list. If you want, you can include a ‘–verbose’ flag in the command above, and you will be shown the final list of promotable packages before the prompt.

If you receive an error that the build job is still in progress, you can check its status with:

hab bldr job status -s <GROUP ID>