How to rename a cookbook


Hello Professionals,

There are around 50 cookbooks in our organization and we want to rename all of them with a better naming convention nothing has been yet deployed to any environments, they are all uploaded to chef server.
Before we hit the Deployments we wanna rename them ? Its a windows environment.

Is there an efficient way to do it ?


Not really, no. The cookbook itself can be copied and modified with any reasonable source control system, and it's history preserved. But the new cookbook still has to be tested, loaded to the chef server, and any references to it for roles, run lists, and attributes used by other cookbooks that relied on it updated. That can be a fairly awkward process, especially since the old cookbook will remain on place on the server and until you explicitly delete it, potentially failing to show unomodifed references.

Now, me? I'd use the "chef-zero" setups to test the new cookbook, locally, on an individual host, using my old tools at . But that will take some to modify to your local configuration.