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Through the school of hard knocks, I have learned that one of the most important aspects is to include your company name in the name of your cookbooks. Without that, you will easily run into naming conflicts with cookbooks from the supermarket.

Renaming cookbooks is not horrendously difficult to do (the trickiest part is finding all references to it) but you might as well start out right.

I am using a naming convention of nctc_xxx for an application cookbook, and nctc_role_xxx for a role cookbook (nctc is my company). Role cookbooks get included in the run list, application cookbooks do not.

Cookbooks intended for open-sourcing do not have a prefix. Legacy cookbooks from before I introduced the naming convention are renamed as touch them again, or as I discover conflicts with Supermarket ones.

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What is a good rule of thumb for naming roles, cookbooks, recipes. etc.
I noticed we have two recipes both named amanda_installer.rb one for mac
and the other is for RHEL. That doesn’t sound like that’s right.
Shouldn’t we name things by the os or something so you can tell what it
is or is the point to make everything super generic?

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