IDE (GUI editor) instead of text


New install: ubuntu server -> windows 10 client -> all seem to work.

I get it, from the Chef Development Kit on the windows client you have to SSH into the server to create and submit scripts. Super, it works.
BUT, isn’t there a reasonably simple way to code into a Graphic User Interface even it it’s nothing more than PowerShell ISE. For something as slick as CHEF I have to believe there is an IDE designed to make coding quicker. Isn’t there?


You would generally edit your cookbooks on the workstation itself, whatever laptop or desktop you physically work on. Given that, you can use whichever editor you like. There isn’t anything as dedicated as, say, Eclipse, but Atom, VSCode, Emacs, Vim, and Sublime Text all have Chef helper packages available.


IntelliJ RubyMine has some support for Chef (and Puppet). That said, it has had no updates for Chef in some time.


How graphical would you like? VSCode with the Chef Extension is pretty sweet.


Hi, I am new on chef, and I need to install a text editor on Windows Server instance (AWS), should I do it with power shell.
Please you refer item 5
thank you


You can install any GUI text editor you like. Visual Studio Code and Atom are two common favorites. It doesn't matter how you install them (using PowerShell or in the Desktop). Personally I like to use Chocolatey to manage Windows packages in PowerShell because it has a familiar YUM feel to it.