Include_policyfile reverse run_list

Hi all,

I've noticed when you add include_policy, the run list from that include_policy takes precedence over the run_list in your current policyfile.


name 'example_policy'

include_policy 'include_example', path: '/some/path'

run_list 'example_cookbook::default'

Your run list will be defined as include_example::default then example_cookbook::default

Is there a way to reverse that order other than just defining the run_list in which you want it?


When including a policy that has a runlist defined the behaviour is for them to be appended to the beginning of your runlist. The intention behind this would be that your creating a policy for an application app1. OS team requires everyone to include their base policy for all servers and security team requires everyone to include their security policy for all servers. You'd want those runlists to run first then your runlist to finish configuring the server for your application.