InSpec v1.22.0 released!

Hello, everyone!

InSpec v1.22.0 has been released! The team spent a lot of time this week going through old issues so this release is a clean-up release! Hat-tip to my wonderful colleagues helping keep InSpec in tip-top shape.

  • Bug Fix: properly handle JSON parse errors in the new docker resource
  • Enhancement: pretty-print descriptions of controls where the description has multiple lines
  • Enhancement: a new help matchers command is available in the inspec shell that provides documentation on the most common matchers
  • Enhancement: two configuration parameters in SimpleConfig have been renamed to be clearer (i.e. assignment_re to assignment_regex). If you use these config parameters in any custom resource, they will still work but you will receive deprecation warnings. They will be removed in InSpec 2.0.
  • Documentation: a bunch of website docs have been updated with additional clarity

… and lots of other tidying up.

You can find InSpec v1.22.0 on, RubyGems, the Habitat Depot, and Docker Hub.

Thanks as always for using InSpec!


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