InSpec v1.23.0 released!

Ohai, friends!

I’m pleased to announce the availability of InSpec v1.23.0. Some goodies include:

  • enhancement: inspec exec will exit and provide an error message if --sudo is used without a --target; --sudo is only effective with remote scans
  • enhancement: a new inspec.profile.file method has been provided to read in arbitrary non-controls / non-resource files from within a profile, useful for shipping data inside your profile without embedding it in a control file
  • bug fix / enhancement: Habitat-built InSpec profiles now include the hab package so it can be used inside controls/tests, also includes some cleanup and other fixes
  • bug fix: fixed an issue with the xinetd resource causing an error if the configuration files were not readable by the user executing the InSpec tests
  • Some deprecated features that were meant to be removed in InSpec v1.0 have finally been removed

As usual, InSpec v1.23.0 is available via RubyGems,, the Habitat Depot, and Docker Hub.