InSpec v1.42.3 released!

Hello there! I’m happy to announce the availability of InSpec v1.42.3 which includes some great changes and fixes, including a whole bunch from our awesome InSpec community:


  • etc_fstab resource: properly namespace the resource, add nfs_file_systems documentation #2190 (jburns12)
  • Uses netstat to detect open ports on AIX #2210 (cattywampus)
  • Add missed 'html' to 'format' option explanation and arrange formatters in alphabetical order #2244 (strangeman)
  • Add inspec habitat profile setup command #2239 (adamleff)
  • Extend Windows ACL matchers #1744 (TheLonelyGhost)
  • windows_hotfix resource: Replace WMI query with PowerShell cmdlet "get-hotfix" #2252 (mattray)

Bug Fixes

Merged Pull Requests

As usual, InSpec v1.42.3 can be found on, Rubygems, Habitat Builder, and Docker Hub.