InSpec v1.41.0 released!

Hello! I’m happy to announce the release of InSpec v1.41.0, which includes a whole bunch of great additions:


  • Add bsd platform family to etc_hosts resource #2192 (ctbarrett)
  • http resource: properly execute tests on remote target #2209 (adamleff)
  • Add output for port/protocol for host resource. #2202 (jquick)
  • Update shell resource help to return what is defined #2219 (jquick)
  • processes resource: support busybox ps #2222 (adamleff)
  • Enhance cmp matcher to work with symbols, fix file documentation #2224 (adamleff)

Bug Fixes

  • Add nil check for sshd config file #2217 (jquick)
  • Support symbol keys in ObjectTraverser #2221 (adamleff)
  • Fix loading profile files when executing multiple profiles #2223 (adamleff)
  • ssl resource: properly raise error when unable to determine if port is enabled #2205 (jquick)

As usual, you can find InSpec v1.41.0 at, RubyGems, Habitat Builder, and Docker Hub.