InSpec v1.48.0 released!

Hello! I’m happy to announce the availability of InSpec v1.48.0.

In addition to the below updates, v1.48.0 also includes a new version of Train, our underlying transport library. This new version includes a number of improvements that should drastically improve PowerShell command execution when scanning nodes locally. This, in combination with the --backend-cache flag added to the prior stable InSpec release, should really help performance on Windows machines.


  • Update default cli options to be uniq per command type #2378 (jquick)
  • Allow crontab resource to read crontab at user specified paths. #2328 (miah)

Bug Fixes

Merged Pull Requests

  • Update command resource to check for mock backend #2353 (jquick)
  • Fix inspec appveyor test with the new local train transport #2376 (jquick)
  • Fix changelog categories, bump minor version for release #2381 (adamleff)

You can find v1.48.0 at, RubyGems, Habitat Builder, and Docker Hub.