Invalid Status provided

Likely due to the steps taken to diagnose the proxy issues, I seem to be in a state where I get the following…

[1][default:/src:0]# build
: Loading /src/
servicemix: Plan loaded
servicemix: hab-plan-build setup
servicemix: Using HAB_BIN=/hab/pkgs/core/hab/0.9.0/20160815225003/bin/hab for installs, signing, and hashing
servicemix: Resolving dependencies
» Installing core/node
✗✗✗ Invalid Status provided
servicemix: WARN No installed packages of ‘core/node’ were found

OSX 10.11.6
hab 0.9.0/20160815225003

I should also say, if there is a way to remove all signs that Habitat was ever on my system and start from stract, I am game.