Is there a open source version binaries separately?

Hello Team,

I wanted to try chef server in my environment, is there any separate binaries for open source version separately ? When I go download page it says free till 25 nodes only for lot of features ?

If I don’t want support can I go install the same binaries and use for more than 25 servers ? I am bit confused about how t use Open source version without support but all features ?

Please help me to understand how open source and end enterprise versions work.


chef server is opensource, there are addons (like analytics etc) which are
closed source and as 25 node limits. You can run chef server without those,
just fine

The server itself is the same, it’s only the management addon that is 25 nodes only. You can just uninstall chef-manage and do everything through chef-server-ctl or knife.

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Thanks for your reply . Got it now , that make sense .