Is there an airgap package for installing Chef Automate 2?

Is there a package for installing Chef Automate 2 in an airgapped environment? The instructions at are for creating such a package, but they require a non-airgapped Linux server in order to do so. I don't have a Linux server in an internet-connected environment.

Do you (or couldn't you) distribute the package rather than just a utility to create the package?

That does seem silly. Surprisingly commonplace these days, with ruby users insisting on rubygems to install software, ython users using pip, and Java users with ant or maven or gradle or whatever. It's also not a new problem, perl used to do this with cpan all the time, and still does.

Maintaining packages is a bunch of extra work, especially since with packages one would expect the package to be complete and consistent rather than dynamically upgraded with every installation.