Issue in creating a new user from chef server

Chef server version: 13.0.17

To install Chef server I run following commands from the root user:
sudo dpkg -i root/tmp/chef-server-core_13.0.17-1_amd64.deb

note: directory tmp i created that manually

All go well, no error but when I try to register a new admin user:

sudo chef-server-ctl user-create Admin Cisco user1 'C1sc0123' --filename /root/tmp/keys/Admin.pem

I get following error:

ERROR: CONFIGURATION ERROR:You have an error in your config file /etc/opscode/pivotal.rb

I get error below:

ArgumentError: could not find a temporary directory
/etc/opscode/pivotal.rb:7:in new' /etc/opscode/pivotal.rb:7:infrom_string'
Relevant file content:
7: key ="latovip")
8: key.puts credentials.get("chef-server", "superuser_key")

This may be a problem with the permissions on your /tmp directory. Is your sticky bit set?

Issue resolved by running the command in the below directory