Issues with kitchen converge using windows boxs

Its actually perfectly normal to see it waiting for winrm for hours. Depending on your hardware, 8 might be normalm because its running windows updates and some other long running updates. Unless your packer build is not running headless, you should be able to watch the updates progress in the virtualbox console.

That all said, if you are using the packer template from my packer-templates repo, I don’t think this will get you any further than you got with my virtual box on atlas since the template will create a mirror image of that box.

Ok, yeah let’s stick to using your packer template repo so i’m finally able to connect to the box!
I can’t find -long-script.ps1 though and my network seems to be well configured but it does not connect to the internet.
I configured the proxy manually on the box but still no internet.
Do you have any idea please? Thanks matt!

Hi matt,

I’m really stuck with that issue and i really need to test my cookbooks. So if you have any idea about how to configure my vm.That will be very nice!