Test Kitchen error after upgrade of ChefDK to Windows 1.1.16

This was working fine prior to an upgrade yesterday. Now I get this error:

-----> Starting Kitchen (v1.14.2)
-----> Converging …
Preparing files for transfer
Preparing dna.json
Resolving cookbook dependencies with Berkshelf 5.2.0…
Removing non-cookbook files before transfer
Preparing validation.pem
Preparing client.rb
-----> Installing Chef Omnibus (install only if missing)
Downloading package from https://packages.chef.io/files/stable/chef/12.17.44/windows/2012r2/chef-client-12.17.44-1-x64.msi
There was an error:
Exception calling “DownloadFile” with “2” argument(s): "An exception occurred during a WebClient request."
An exception occurred during a WebClient request.
The network path was not found.

   Transferring files to <default-windows-2012r2>
   Finished converging <default-windows-2012r2> (0m38.27s).

-----> Kitchen is finished. (0m47.59s)

Note - if I login to the machine using VirtualBox I can navigate to that URL and install the chef client then a convergence run will work