Kitchen Converge error Input String was not in the correct format

Hi Everyone,

I am a Kitchen noob so I am not sure if this is something I am doing wrong or something I broke. I think I have my kitchen yaml file correctly put together. However, when I run Kitchen Converge to test my DSC code out, I this:

   Hyper-V instance <default-srv2016> created.
   Finished creating <default-srv2016> (1m35.20s).

-----> Converging …
Preparing files for transfer
Staging DSC Resource Modules for copy to the SUT
Staging DSC configuration script for copy to the SUT
$$$$$$ Error formatting a string: Input string was not in a correct format…
At line:1 char:1
$$$$$$ + sh -c '
$$$$$$ + ~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (SilentlyContinu…LCM | out-null
:String) [], RuntimeException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : FormatError

That looks like it’s coming from LCM code that is part of Test Kitchen? Anyone got any thoughts? For clarity, I am messing around with PowerShell Desired State Configuration in this instance.


It looks like the provisioning code is trying to call sh -c which indicates that kitchen thinks it is in a bash shell. This usually means that your platform is not being interpreted as a windows os. You can fix this by ensuring that your platform name begins with the string win. Fr example:

- name: windows-2012R2
    box: mwrock/Windows2016


Thanks very much. That was it. The sh command should have been my first clue. Ugh.