Kitchen-ec2 2.2.1 released!


Brighten up your Monday with our 2.2.1 release of kitchen-ec2 which includes some nice fixes:

Windows AMIs no longer need to be named “windows” :joy_cat:

Thanks to (BenLiyanage) we’ve finally fixed a longstanding bug where if the AMI Name didn’t include “windows”, say with a custom AMI, then the driver would crash because it needed that value to make other decisions. The logic has been re-factored such that we do more of this logic in PowerShell since we already know we’re on Windows in that case.

Improvements to SG auto-creation behaviour

Thanks to (dpattmann) we’ve fixed some bad behaviour when security_group_filter was set so that now this won’t throw an exception when matching group was found nor attempt create a default SG in that condition.

As per usual we have released this to RubyGems so folks living on the bleeding edge can have at and will be making corresponding updates to ChefDK such that this should be in a current channel build soon.