Knife-ec2 0.15 released

knife-ec2 0.15.0 release notes:

In this release we have added a command to list EC2 AMIs. Also added a feature to include the EC2 server id in the Chef node name. There are a couple of bug fixes as well.

Features added in knife-ec2 0.15.0

  • Added command to list EC2 AMIs using knife ec2 ami list PR: 482

  • Added support to insert ec2 server id into node name using -N “%s” PR: 471

  • Changed source of vm name to allow for hosts without public ip addresses PR: 478

  • Automatically pass tags to Chef as well as EC2 PR: 476

Fixed issue in knife-ec2 0.15.0

  • Wait for Windows Admin password to be available PR: 484, issue: 479, issue: 453

  • Fix where --yes option was not being passed to bootstrap PR: 458

  • In VPC mode use private IP when public IP and DNS are not available PR: 468, issue: 344

  • Default value and description improved for --ebs-volume-type improved for clarity PR: 464, issue: 450, issue 451