Kitchen inspec tests being skipped

When using chef generate the generated .kitchen.yml and default_test.rb file have :skip for all tests. If I run kitchen verify I’m told all tests are skipped, if I delete :skip from the resource definition then the test runs and passes. Why does it default to :skip the tests and should it be running them even with :skip in any circumstances?


The generator defaults to to :skip because that’s far more pleasant than seeing an error on your first run assuming nothing has changed and as part of the run also indicates that you need to fill it in with proper tests. The :skip in InSpec is meant very much for the case where you have a test that might not be complete or accurate or something but you’d still like to see it as part of the testing but not make it fail the test.

The generator only creates boilerplate, it’s not meant to create test for you so much as just lay down a file with examples that you will edit yourself. The generator itself is customizable, as a matter of fact it’s just a cookbook itself, so you can create your own generators should you desire.