Knife cookbook site install gitosis


I did something obvious but maybe stupid, but appreciate if anyone can correct my reasoning…

  1. I downloaded the “gitosis” cookbook, and installed it manually in my cookbooks folder. I then modified gitosis.conf.erb, to make a few changes in my “master” branch. All is functional and working.

  2. I then did a “knife cookbook site install gitosis”, on realizing the error or my ways. This worked OK, and created the vendor branch and then “merged into to master”.

  3. Only the “merged into master branch” did not merge. It just replaced the “gitosis.conf.erb” in my master, with the new knife version. In effect all my changes were lost(they were already committed in git, so nothing lost at all really).

I then checked with the opscode website, here,, and have replicated the instructions below:-

  1. A new “pristine copy” branch is created in git for tracking the
  2. All existing cookbooks are removed from the branch;
  3. The cookbook is downloaded from the cookbook site in tarball form;
  4. The downloaded cookbook is untarred, and its contents commited via git;
  5. The pristine copy branch is merged into the master branch.

The point “5. merged” appears not to be happening, as I had to manually replace the “new version” of gitosis.conf.erb with the previous version(or just merge them if you will).

So, my real question, is, does this mean that the “merged into master” is not happening, or have I made a silly error?

                                      thanks for any explanation or pointers


nb I appreciate, I should have used the knife command initially, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.