Knife search doesn't works after upgrade automate to 1.5(RESOLVED)

after update the automate to 1.5 (on opsworks) I cannot use:

knife search
knife ssh.

I suppose that the real problem is the first one.

If I use knife show node mynode it works and I can add roles, recipes etc…

Where’s the problem?

I’ve also used a new node for this(and the problem still there).

Chef Development Kit Version: 2.0.28
chef-client version: 13.2.20


more info:
the chef server is the 12(the default by opsworks) and in the log I see an error 400.

Hi. Please supply logs about the error. Try to start knife with “-VV” to gather more info and post the output here and also provide the interesting parts of the server logs. Otherwise we won’t have any chance to really understand your errors and help you with solving them.

Hi Joerg,
thanks for your feedback.

Sure. Unfortunately, during my attempts I’ve destroyed the server :slight_smile: . I’ve already create a new ones and I will try to update it again soon


probably the problem was the rpm version(I’ve used the rhel7 in my amazon linux 2017 and it worked)