Knife supermarket cookbook_path


Is there a way to force knife and it’s plugins to use ONLY the current
directory? I’m trying to use the knife supermarket plugin, and when you
have other cookbooks at the same directory level (i.e. directories below
the cookbook_path in knife.rb), then the supermarket plugin seems to scan
all of these and produces random results.

For example, if I run this:

cd chef-cookbook-slice-auditd-upload-supermarket && knife supermarket share
foobar -m -o …/ -VVVVV

DEBUG: Staging /home/jenkins/workspace/
chef-cookbook-slice-auditd-upload-prod/metadata.rb to

The supermarket plugin is clearly operating on the wrong cookbook here. How
can I make it ONLY use the cookbook in the current directory? I tried
switching -o to use ‘…’ but then it complains that it can’t find the
cookbook at all.