Knofe bootstrap getting stuck

I am trying to run the following command to bootstrap a node

knife bootstrap -V -V yy.yy.xx.xx --ssh-user root --ssh-password ‘XXXX’ --sudo --use-sudo-password --node-name node-test --run-list ‘recipe[learn_chef_apache2]’

On the chef management console I can see the node getting registered (though with no information about the node) but chef client doesn’t run on the target and I don’t understand what logs can I refer. Chef server logs (chef-server-ctl tail) doesn’t show anything specific.

I am new to chef where can I look for logs or what’s happening, I have separate machines for workstation , chef server and chef client.

If you are using windows for the ChefDK, I have had some issues with the output to console using knife from a powershell window. Try using CMD as it actually seems to return info to the shell.Its the same as before, make sure you are working from the root of your Chef repository.

Also, give this a go (for Linux):

knife bootstrap MyNodesName.fqdn -x 'MyUserName' -P 'MyPassword' -N NodeNameInChefConsole --node-ssl-verify-mode none -r 'recipe[learn_chef_apache2]' --sudo -VV

Here is a Windows example:

knife bootstrap windows winrm MyNodeName.fqdn -x 'MyUserName' -P 'MyPassword' -N NodeNameInChefConsole --node-ssl-verify-mode none -r 'recipe[learn_chef_apache2]' --sudo -VV

This works for me. You will need to change the values to suit your needs. Also, there are ways to assign a bootstrap proxy and also a ‘No Proxy List’

Thanks. Proxy was the issue. and -VV helped to debug the issue.