Bootstrapping Debian Node


I’ve got a chef server up and running, and have boostrapped a ubuntu node, however I can’t seem to get the correct commands to boostrap a debian node. This is the command that I am running

knife bootstrap FDQNHERE --ssh-user UserName --ssh-password ‘SecretPassword’ --node-name NAME

It creates the client, the node, then tries to connect and gets a ssh connection timeout. I can however ssh to it from my machine. I’ve verified that the nodes FDQN resolves on the chef server, that the node can resolve the chef servers FDQN. Any thoughts?


There is no difference in bootstrapping a debian vs ubuntu node.

Are you trying your ssh command from the same place that you are running knife bootstrap from?
Are you using the same username for your ssh command as you are for knife bootstrap?

Are you running SSH on the default port 22 for the node you’re trying to bootstrap?

I got it solved. I was missing a FDQN resolution from the folder I was running chef from. Thanks for the help, silly mistake.