Logstash role issue


Hi everyone.

I have been using the logstash cookbook, and up until chef 11 it was working.
However, only one line is not working when using chef 11. It has to do with
using the grep filter inside of a role that is ruby not JSON. Here is a snip
of the code:

{ :grep => {
      :tags => "filtered",
      :match => ["LOG_LEVEL", "DEBUG"],
      :negate => 'true'
} },

when I run this on a server with the chef 11 client, I just get:

grep {
negate => 'true’
tags => ‘filtered’

on chef 10 I get the right syntax of:

grep {
match => [“LOG_LEVEL”, “DEBUG”]
negate => 'true’
tags => ‘filtered’

Any help would be appreciated. I am sure there is something I am missing.