Managing Slack Registrations

The community slack registration tool we use is called slackin.

Our fork of the code lives here. We maintain a fork for the convenience of leveraging heroku dyno’s for running this service. The applet is very low downtime and largely doesn’t require active maintenance. On occasion (typically every year or couple of years) the dyno that the app is running on might need to be upgraded due to the old dyno no longer being a supported type. When this happens, users attempting to register will get 404s and other strange issues trying to hit the registration page.

To resolve any issue with slackin you need to follow a couple steps.

  • Log in to with the Chef heroku account. (Available in lastpass)
  • Review the status of the habitat-slackin, you may need to check the metrics tab but typically heroku will do a good job of surfacing issues to the dashboard.
  • Remediate. We haven’t had many issues with needing much user interaction with this applet. More often than not the fix for an outage here is to restart the dyno in the settings tab. You may need to review the dyno logs to determine a failure but a majority of the time the issue will lie with the dyno itself as the app isn’t changing with any regularity.