Meeting notes for Aug 6th, 2020

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


bennyVasquez shared

Got a whole bunch of stuff this week.

  • Thanks to @tas50 ’s suggestion, we now have an ‘Add to your calendar’ button on for this meeting. Hopefully that’ll help folks who want to attend!
  • I also wanted to point out #job_opportunities . Especially in these super uncertain times, having a spot to share and discuss potential jobs in the industry is important. If you’re hiring for devops, definitely share there. If you’re looking for a job, keep an open eye on that channel!
  • Next week is DASH by Datadog - August 11 - Chef is a Gold sponsor with a virtual booth. Visit with us digitally there to chat and get swag!
  • We’ll also be a RustConf on August 20. Though there’s no booth for us there, it’s still a worthwhile event!
  • GitLab Commit is August 26, and Chef is a Silver sponsor with a virtual booth. There you’ll be able to chat, see our demos, AND get swag!
  • And, though this is still a little bit away, DevOps World by CloudBees (Sept 22-24) will be another chance to visit with us at a virtual booth and pick up some swag.

This week’s releases

Chef Automate

tas50 shared

Automate 20200728181447 was released with improvements to the Desktop dashboard, improvements to InSpec data ingest, and a new data feed beta feature.

Chef Inspec

tas50 shared

InSpec 4.22.9 was released. This adds support for Scientific Linux in the service resource, ensures the trucated message only returns on truncated values, adds sensitive output to both mysql/postgres resources and fixes some docs

Chef Workstation

tas50 shared

Chef Workstation 20.8.111 released. This includes Chef Infra Client 16.3, a handful of misc improvements to knife, updated InSpec/Cookstyle/Test Kitchen. Also the first time you run the chef command it will now create the .chef dir in your home dir for you so you don't need to create that by hand when setting up chef

Other releases

tas50 shared

Cookstyle 6.14 was released with 2 new cops to help macos_userdefaults users get ready for Chef Infra Client 16.3. This release also improves detection and autocorrection in several other cops:

New Dokken containers for all platforms are up which now include the dmidecode command so you'll no longer see complaints from Ohai when running Chef. Thanks @nreeves for that PR

chef-client cookbook 12.0 was released. This brings Chef Infra Client 16 compatibility, a decade of code cleanup, and the backporting of the new cron and systemd chef_client resources from Chef Infra Client 16. It comes with several breaking changes as part of the code cleanup so make sure to check the readme:

And finally we released new versions of knife-vcenter, cheffish, knife-azure, and knife-ec2. These releases include minor spelling fixes in error messages as well as optimizations to improve memory usage. Expect those all in the next Chef Workstation


Chef Automate

Alex Pop shared

Wave from the Automate team!

  • Merged a change to improve the correlation of datafeed nodes for cloud resources.
  • Pushed a CSS fix for the control menu to avoid random ellipsis-ing.
  • Switched the Automate scan jobs triggered to use the new --config InSpec config param. This way, we benefit from the report reducing features introduced in InSpec recently.
  • Merged documentation updates.
  • Added a Rule fields to the RuleAddResponse notifications API.
  • Added an empty data state to the desktop dashboard components for when desktop API data is not available.
  • Started on a new compliance epic to improve the reporting for the last 24h vs today (in UTC)

Chef Habitat

mwrockx shared

Hello from Habitat! This week we have been working on:

  • Fixing Habitat in an exported Windows NanoServer image
  • Drop the license requirement for hab --version commands
  • Adding a splay to the health check intervals
  • Fixing some edge case Supervisor crashes on Windows
  • Continuing encryption key refactoring
  • Continuing work on perf testing environment

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

Hello Chef Friends!Update for the Chef Infra Server Team this week:

  • We are focussed on updating the version of Chef Infra Server in Automate.
  • Work is in progress to update erlang version to 22 in Chef Infra server.
  • Work is in progress to update rails to 6.0.3
  • We fixed the integration test failing in the FIPS scenario due to an upstream change to the distro
  • We have started reviewing the sig_v4 work and will continue to iterate through it.That is all for us!

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

Here goes Chef Infra Client:

  • Cleanup of multiple resources to migrate them to custom resources using unified_mode
  • Continued cleanup our of tests to improve output and reliability
  • Ruby optimizations thanks for new cops from rubocop and rubocop-performance
  • Trimming of unnecessary library and binary files in the client to reduce package size and improve install times
  • A scary number of spelling fixes thanks to @pete

Chef Inspec

Schwad shared

Hello from the InSpec team!

We have a new release! Yesterday we officially dropped 4.22.8

Here’s some new changes in 4.22.8 :

  • For mysql and postgres session resources, added functionality that protects passwords from printing out to the console. (thanks @fzipi !)
  • The Scientific Linux platform is now supported on the service resource
  • We fixed a bug where failure messages would always end with [TRUNCATED] if truncation was enabled. This meant that you would even get the truncation text even if your message was short enough to begin with

Plus a few internal improvements.

Also sometimes members of our community file great issues with ideas to improve InSpec. Unfortunately, due to triage we are often working on other improvements/bug-fixes/improvements and can’t get our eyes on a new PR for quite a while.Thankfully, we have folks who very kindly send in PRs when they see something with InSpec that can be better

If you’re interested in this aspect we will start flagging some of these issues with the Good first issue label if it’s a great idea and something we think a first-time contributor can tackle. We also try to give more frequent thoughts and updates on the #inspec channel so if you haven’t already, feel free to join the conversation over there!

Chef Workstation

tball shared

Morning! This week we got back on our bi-weekly release schedule for Workstation and got that promoted. It includes the Test Kitchen revert that fixes Windows targets. We're taking another stab at fixing that root_path bug this sprint and adding better testing around that. Otherwise we're still working on our next feature. Thanks!

Sous Chefs

xorima shared

Hello from Sous Chefs!

filesystem has been released at 3.0.0 (thanks @markgibbons ):

  • Simplified the filesystem freeze action code
  • Added tests for the freeze action
  • Updated the versions of platforms to test against
  • Add the device_defer attribute to the filesystem resource. If set to true and the backing device does not exist the default resource returns without processing or error.
  • Convert the lwrp resources to custom resources
  • Add dokken cookbook converges and tests to the github flow

fileutils has been released at 1.4.0 (thanks @markgibbons for transferring this over to #sous-chefs

  • Add rspec testing to the github actions
  • Add integration testing to the github actions
  • resolved cookstyle error (various files)

pyenv has been released at 3.3.2 (thanks @markgibbons )

  • Do not attempt to rehash in a system-wide install
  • Removed testing support for centos-6. Python 3.7.1 requires a newer version of openssl than centos-6 supplies.
  • Removed testing support for debian-8. Debian-8 is no longer supported. Also has issues with the level of openssl that is available.

In progress PRs:

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

Cinc Client:

Cinc Auditor:

  • Literally just released 4.22.8

Cinc Workstation:

  • Released 20.8.111 via the unstable channel
  • Plan to add biome cli on Linux in next release along with some other fixes

Cinc Server:

See you next week!

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