Meeting notes for May 14th, 2020

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


bennyVasquez shared

We’ve got ton of fun stuff to share today!

  • The Get Started with Chef Infra Learn Chef module has been updated for Chef 16.
  • Chef Live on Twitch tomorrow will feature @cwolfe and @thelunaticscripter will be joining us this week to close out Chef InSpec and Compliance-themed week! They’ll be demoing and discussing the latest InSpec features, like waivers and inputs, as well as letting us know what we can look forward to in the coming year for Effortless Audits!
  • Join @ramereth later for his ChefConf recording session!
  • Find the rest of the sessions at
  • Make sure you’re signed up at for all the other fun stuff and to have access to the recordings when they go to on demand!

This week’s releases

Chef Automate

tas50 shared

Automate 2 version 20200506172513 was released. This includes some improvements to creating legacy IAM tokens and improves some UX bits.

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

Chef Infra Client 16.0.287 shipped with fixes for some regressions in 16.0 and an updated version of InSpec

Chef Inspec

tas50 shared

InSpec 4.18.114 shipped with new CLI flags that control how much / exactly what gets sent to Automate so you can limit large payloads:

Chef Workstation

tas50 shared

Chef Workstation 0.18 shipped with a bunch of major new component updates:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 packages
  • kitchen openstack for the first time (thanks @ramereth )
  • cookstyle 6.3 (up from 5.22)
  • fauxhai 8.1 (up from 7.6) with a bunch of new platforms for ChefSpec
  • Updates to pretty much every test kitchen plugin and knife plugin
  • Some nice security updates for git, libarchive, and ruby

That's definitely a release you want to grab and if you're on DK it's time to upgrade.

Note that this does still include Chef Infra Client 15. We’ll have a future release that updates the client to 16, but you can still bootstrap and/or test 16 nodes just fine from this release of workstation. It even supports the yaml recipes.

Sous Chefs

damacus shared

Mostly related to the nice Cookstyle changes that went out.

  • GPG
  • PostgreSQL

Other releases

tas50 shared

We pushed up some new Bento boxes. CentOS 7.8 and Fedora 32 were added and other boxes were rebuilt with the latest bug fixes / security releases as well as the latest VM tools. Expect a complete rebuilt for all 3 hypervisors in the coming weeks. It takes some time


Chef Automate

Alex Pop shared

For the past week, we focused on these main epics: IAM, EAS Dashboard, Data feed and documentation. Almost complete with the effort to reduce the large compliance reports that are not ingested in Automate because of the 4MB grpc limit.

Big effort across many teams to reduce the large reports

Chef Habitat

sdmacfarlane shared

Greetings! This last week in habitat:

  • Adding and updating core plans to support container images built with buildah so we can
  • Add support for buildah in hab pkg export container
  • Research into static compiling the supervisor and launcher
  • Reducing our non-rust dependencies, where appropriate
  • Testing changes to the builder graph
  • Researching use cases for notifications to define the initial scope

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

  • This week we have continued progress on sig_V4.
  • We are getting ready to ship the release that would move from Solr to Elasticsearch for internal search. This will also be the release that ships with OpenJDK instead of Oracle JDK.
  • As a part of that effort we merged some preflight checks that will help identify different configurations of existing Chef Infra Server installs and guide them to the correct config setting (if change is needed)
  • We are adding some metrics that will give us a better insight into connecting with elasticsearch.

That is all for us!

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

I'll take it away for Infra Client. We've been focused on post 16 work still. We shipped a regression fix release. We'll probably have another release today that includes a regression fix, updated ohai, and the new InSpec. We've also updated a lot of our testing. We have a Windows 10 kitchen job that kicks off for PRs now. Sadly it's private due to how it spins up, but that does give us some nice final coverage of chef on windows. Expect more CI updates to come to improve the overall testing.

Chef Inspec

Stocksy shared

Today we released InSpec 4.18.114. It adds 2 new options that reduce report sizes:

  • --reporter_message_truncation truncates the message field for test failures in reports
  • --reporter_backtrace_inclusion determines whether to include Ruby backtraces for test errors in reports.

The work in-flight this week includes:

  • Adding a copy of inspec.json inside archived profiles.
  • Supporting reporter plugins so you can have your report in any format - @cwolfe 's PR includes introduction of a run data API so that once you have coded your plugin we can't break it.
  • Several other PRs with improvements and CI changes.

Chef Workstation

tball shared

This past week the Workstation team produced the 0.18 release that Tim mentioned. My apologies for the long delay from the previous release.

The rest of the team cycles have all been devoted to getting ready for our ChefConf presentation and Chef Workstation major version release at ChefConf. This includes a new feature that we are excited to get in everyone's hands.

We also migrated the Chef Workstation release to the core casks. If you brew reinstall chef-workstation it will switch to using the core cask, which is where releases will come out of in the future.

Sous Chefs

damacus shared

Greetings from #sous-chefs .All the latest cookstyle changes have already been updated in our cookbooks (Thanks to our bots, )

We will be releasing them this week, though work continues on our automatic release pipeline.

Another reminder it is time to start thinking about the Sous Chef board for next year. I will post this several more times as we get closer to Chef Conf (as we’re planning around that time for the actual voting). If you would like to be considered for the Sous Chef board for the 2020-2021 season, please fill out the form! If there is someone you think should be on the board, please suggest they add themselves (don’t want anyone nominated without their knowledge - should be volunteer basis)

Our community meeting is straight after this so maybe we will see you there in #sous-chefs

Thanks all!

Managing Cookbooks at Scale - Chef Blog
Sous-Chefs is a community organisation and we like to think of ourselves as a home for unloved great cookbooks. We are also a place where these cookbooks will always get maintained moving forward.

Sous Chef Board Candidate Collection
If you would like to be considered for the Sous Chef board - add your name here! What does being on the board mean? You care about the community and want to see it succeed. You keep GitHub work moving forward with reviews, issue triage, attend Sous Chef meetings and generally make sure members have what they need.

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

  • Released Cinc Client 16.0.287
  • Released unstable Cinc Workstation 0.18.3 (note: this is still not completely trademark free)
  • @BobChaos has been working on a revamped implementation of "dist.rb" in Chef. Please check his blog post for more information:
  • New build for Cinc Auditor 4.18.114 is currently in the process of being built and will be released later today
  • Reached out to Debian/Ubuntu communities to work on renaming the "chef" package that is using Cinc sources incorrectly to "cinc". We're also hoping we can work with them so they can properly build it trademark free.

Other updates

Xorima shared

Greetings from #actionshub

I have been working on a couple things, The first is Windows testing which is coming along, but if anyone has time to look at the Exec driver in test kitchen it would be really useful as it seems to not be working as expected:

The other thing that is being worked on over there is inline github feedback for actions failures, starting with cookstyle which I hope will help people not to have to dig through logs etc

Thats if from me, thanks all!

See you next week!

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