Meeting Notes for December 16, 2021

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


Kiah Tolliver shared

Only one shameless plug from DevRel this week:
If you're doing something cool with Chef that'd you'd like to show off and share with the community, we'd love to have you on our live stream! Ping @damacus or me if you'd like to learn more.

Actually, I lied. One more update on the topic of live streams: We won't be streaming for the next couple of weeks due to folks being out on vacation. We'll pick back up on Jan 11 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with fresh content for your viewing pleasure

This week’s releases

Chef Infra Server

Kiah Tolliver shared

Chef Infra Server 14.11.21 Released! This release includes security and packaging updates.

Other releases

Kiah Tolliver shared

Chef Manage 3.2.20 Released! This release contains a few minor security updates.


Chef Automate

Ankur Mundhra shared

Hello community
Few things which the team worked on include:

  • Pagination API for control list in Compliance reporting
  • See list of downloadable compliance reports and ability to download (currently in dev branch of large compliance report)
  • Fixes on client reset modal, node run list tab in Infra Server views
  • New CLI commands: automate-ctl license uniqueNodeRunReport and automate-ctl license nodeRunReport
  • Optimize bulk indexing to improve the performance of the system
  • Backup and restore capability in data feed service
  • ES upgraded to 6.8.21 and AdoptOpenJDK upgraded to 11.0.13+8

Chef Habitat

mwrockx shared

This week's updates:

  • Making progress on next core-plans refresh

  • Working on tool to auto version bump core packages

  • Working on HA on prem builder support

  • Working on a way to turn off auto builds at the origin level internally

  • Fixed failures of large package uploads to builder

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

Hey everyone!

We have a few good updates for this week

  • We merged Hashi Vault Approle support for our secrets helper
  • We merged improved VMware hypervisor detection on Windows and new helpers to determine exactly which hypervisor you are running on from @theinen
  • We are just about to merge some great improvements to the yum package support. This backports some of the learnings that @lamont made when refactoring the DNF package provider. It includes some nice edge condition fixes and a giant pile of new specs to make sure we support every funky usage of package installation
  • Once that yum change makes it in we'll ship 17.9 which also includes the fix for windows_feature_powershell failing that @mikevg noticed

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

Here is the update for the Server team:
Hello folks!- Chef Server 14.11.21 has been released. It fixes multiple CVE's related to log4j, redis and jdk. Please find the release notes at: Chef Infra Server Release Notes

  • We have posted the steps for mitigation of the log4j CVE at

Is Chef vulnerable to CVE-2021-44228 (Log4j)? - Chef Blog | Chef

  • We are currently working through multiple issues un upgrading Infra Server to the latest in Automate.

That is all for us this week!

Chef Inspec

cwolfe shared

The Chef InSpec team has been working on:

  • Adding support for a is_latest? matcher for the package resource
  • Investigating support for tls1.2 and 1.3 on the ssl resource
  • Looking into an issue with unicode in an error message in German-language Windows installations
  • Adding support for using an SSH config file
  • Expanding support for more containerization systems on the virtualization resource

Chef Workstation

Vikram Karve shared

Note- We are working toward addressing a release pipeline blocker issue. This is causing delay in bringing you up-to-date Chef Infra Client and other modules.

Ready for release / completed

  • Addressed few test-kitchen issues [1] & [2]
  • The fix to chef-vault issue is merged
  • Resolved issue where workstation tray icon would disappear on upgrade.


  • Implementing chef env in Golang
  • Identifying what telemetry data is sent via workstation already, and what more could be added.
  • Updating build scripts to support Apple M1 ARM64 architecture.
  • Updating kitchen-vra plugin and vmware-vra-gem to support vRA 8

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

Hello from the Cinc Project!

Cinc Server

  • Looking into issues when upgrading to latest Cinc Server release (getting close to having a solution for this!)
  • Will be releasing 14.11.15 and 14.11.21 once those issues have been resolved

Cinc Client

  • Looking into run-time issues with Cinc 17 on Windows

Other updates

See you next week!

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