Meeting notes for Jan 23, 2020


benny Vasquez shared

  • ChefConf CFP closes next Friday, January 31! There’s still time to get your submission in, but don’t wait to the bitter end and miss your chance to tell your story at ChefConf in Seattle or London.
  • If you need help with ideas around what to talk about, @lnxchk has been sharing ideas on the blog:

This week’s releases


tas50 shared

The Automate team released Automate 20200115001116, which includes a bunch of nice improvements to the IAMv2 and Application betas as well as the usual selection of compliance fixes. Those beta features are coming along nicely and will go GA soon. Enjoy full access controls and an application centric view in Automate


tas50 shared

We also released ChefDK 3.13. This is probably the last DK 3 release unless there’s another CVE in openssl or another library we ship. This resolves a good number of CVEs in the embedded git client as well as a CVE in openssl. I also updated many of the deps to the latest and we included the Ruby performance and size improvements. This should be the fastest DK 3 release and it’s 11% smaller on disk.

You should expect a Chef 15.7 release this week after some delays and then a DK 4 and Workstation release shortly after that.

Other updates


Alex Pop shared

In Automate we continued to focus on the main epics: supporting Compliance InSpec waivers, IAMv2, EAS Dashboard, Habitat Builder in Automate, automated documentation, refactoring and cleanup.


cwolfe shared

The InSpec Team is up to:

  • Refactoring platform detection in Train to be enable some future changes for speed improvements
  • More PRs pulled in for Yocto support from the community
  • Working on telemetry opt-in

Overall, a quiet week.


sdmacfarlane shared

What we've been up to the last week:

  • Remove PIDS_FROM_LAUCHER feature flag (#7341)
  • Remove Event Stream feature flag
  • Improve end-to-end tests
  • Add bldr origin ownership transfers and invitations from the cli
  • Getting ready for next weeks release


afiune shared

The team have continued working on a few ideas to give suggestions to users about next steps to upgrade their infrastructure.

We are starting writing down new epics for this year, a couple of them that I can share that need to happen in the near future are, package the Habitat CLI inside Workstation and,

as I mentioned, creating a series of suggestions to start upgrading users to the latest version of our tools.

finally, we want to introduce telemetry to start understanding how the community uses our software (Chef Workstation that is), so we will be adding that soon

Chef Infra Server

tas50 shared

Chef-server status:

  • We have added additional scenarios for testing pipeline to test chef-backend with the latest chef-server release.
  • Updating Erlang 22 is steadily progressing. The tests are passing, we are currently making fixes with the dialyzer.
  • We are currently in the process of testing the upgrade for moving to elasticsearch with load. Will continue testing with some of the identified test cases.

I’ll throw my personal spin on how significant this is. We’re finally killing off solr and rabbitmq in Chef Server. The tech scope of Chef Server just shrunk significantly and this makes it much easier to integrate Chef Server into AWS environments and/or Chef Automate installs. It’s a big move.

Also modern Erlang is obviously better

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

On the Chef Infra Client side we’re looking to release 15.7 as soon as we can. This has some nice bug fixes and resource improvement as usual. It also has a few new windows helpers in chef-utils that you can use in your cookbooks.

We also did the major version bump so master is Chef 16 now. You’ll see us start to merge in breaking changes there. I already removed support for Windows 2008 R2 from the windows_feature resources which nuked about 1/2 the code there. Felt pretty great. We’ll be removing RHEL 5 support from a few other resources as well to slim down some logic and speed things up.

If you have thoughts on what we should ship in Chef 16 let us know in #chef-infra-dev

Sous Chefs

In Sous Chefs

Community Updates

ramereth shared a Cinc update:

I fixed our Windows build server so we should be ready to build 15.7 once it's shipped!

BobChaos shared as well:

on the Client front, Chef staff identified an issue in the bootstrap process related to our changes and they had to be reverted, which means that we cannot currently bootstrap a Windows machine using Cinc Client. I'm looking into a fix for that but it's looking like it will be more involved than the work I've done so far. It's discussed in a thread in #chef-infra-dev

on the Workstation side, the Chef Workstation team had requested community feedback RE: using go generate to solve the distribution thing in chef-analyze , and probably other Golang projects too. The feedback should now be on github! I'm also dragging my feets on learning rust, but I'm working on it

See you in next week!

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