Meeting notes for Dec 19, 2019

With this week’s #community-meeting we’re going to start sharing summaries here on Discourse, for anyone that wasn’t able to attend the meeting.


tas50 started by introducing our new DevRel team, and community manager. benny had a list for the room

  • Like you said, we published a new blog intro-ing the new team:
  • Our new community site, launched! This site is aimed at being a cleaner, easier way to welcome new people to the Chef community, and an easier resource for existing people to join the chef community.
  • The CFP for ChefConf is set to open up Friday, Dec 20th… tomorrow! If you wanna keep up on the updates around ChefConf, join the #chefconf2020 channel.

We’ve got lots more coming next year, but that’s it for now! We’ll keep sharing things that come up!

This week’s releases


First off Automate 2 20191211163405 shipped. This included a bunch of housekeeping to get us on the latest habitat, ES, and java. It also fixed a TON of bugs and gave some nice performance improvements. If you’re using the Applications or IAMv2 beta make sure to check the complete release notes out. It’s big.

Chef InSpec

Next up is Chef InSpec 4.18.51 which got us ready for Ruby 2.7, updates to rspec 3.9, and fixed a few nice bugs.

Chef Infra

After that we shipped Chef Infra Client 15.6.10. This has a few nice resource improvements such as full failure output for the verify property. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of troubleshooting a failure there you know it was basically impossible. That’s a big win for that feature. This release has includes some substantial performance improvements for loading the chef-client and knife commands and shrinks our on disk install by an additional 7%

You might notice that every month seems to shrink by 5% or so. Things are getting a lot smaller even as we add new features.


After Infra we released Cookstyle with a new TargetChefVersion config that lets you turn off cops that don’t apply / aren’t compatible with your Infra Client release. It also contains 14 new cops. Lot’s of platform and platform helper cleanup and cops for notifications.

Chef Workstation

And last, but not least is our Chef Workstation 0.13.35 release. This includes the latest Chef Infra Client and Cookstyle releases, our Ruby performance improvements, and some nice bug fixes / improvements to knife-ec2, knife-tidy, kitchen-dokken, and kitchen-azurerm.

We’ll probably have a DK release coming up, but our main focus at this point is Workstation so that will always be the first / most frequent release

Community Updates

BobChaos shared that we've also had releases this week for Auditor and Client: Cinc Auditor 4.18.51 and Client 15.6.10. tas50 pointed out “Cinc 15.6.10 is the first release for Linux that is trademark free. That’s a huge accomplishment and they should all be super proud of that. I’m fairly certain they all know more about building Chef than I do now.”

Other updates


AlexPop shared

In Automate we worked on: integrating Habitat Builder in Automate, improving Compliance profiles, updated the Compliance APIs for InSpec waivers, IAMv2, EAS Dashboard, automated documentation, refactoring and cleanup.


CWolfe shared

The InSpec Team is up to:

  • making the URL fetcher failover to use an archive when available
  • removing a major layer of complexity in the in the library evaluation context
  • got the audit cookbook tests passing again
  • looking into winrm timeouts in inspec when using the -b option
  • and our ongoing improvements and buildout of our CI system


sdmacfarlane shared

This week we've been continuing to get ready for a Futures world, getting the Eventstream ready for GA, and working on some tooling to help us visualize our package graph in builder


tball shared

We spent the last week working on more Chef Analyze improvements, working on getting it closer to usability. As a reminder this is an experimental feature that is not ready for consumption yet. Other than that we helped prep the Chef Workstation 0.13.35 release that you got out - thanks Tim!

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

  • For the past week the team has been focussed on integrating the release test infrastructure into a pipeline so that it can be run on a more regular basis.
  • We are making progress upgrading the Erlang version to 21.
  • Work is in progress to replace internal solr with elasticsearch.

tas50 also mentioned:

I should also mention that we’re going to be forking the chef-15 branch off soon and we’ll start work on chef-16. Right now we have a few open PRs ready to merge once that’s complete. If there’s something you really think we need to get in for Chef Infra 16 it would be a great time to file an issue

Sous Chefs

Xorima shared

We are working on migrating the keepalived cookbook from HWRPs to Custom Resources. Another announcement is our weekly meeting will be moving to Thursdays 17:00 UTC (1 Hour after this community meeting) from January, so if you want to see what we get up to or how we sort though our backlog come join us!and

as always we are looking for maintainers and people to help us fix the numerous cookbooks we own, if you use it and you know of a way to make it better just raise an issue or create a Pull Request

See you next week!

If you have any suggestions for these notes or want to say “Hi!”, comment below, or wave in slack to Mandi or benny! See you next Thursday!

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